A HTML5 framework for your mobile applications...

... for who want to design, build and share cross-device apps.
Download version 2.2.1 $bower install lungo use bower package manager for install manually.
Lungo supports open web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It brings consistent browser environment across mobiles, tvs and desktop devices.
Lightweight & Scalable
Forget heavy and old frameworks, you develop apps for actual devices. Take advantage of it! and let Lungo offers you a simple and fun way to create.
Powerfull JavaScript API
There are many ways to develop apps, and not always is optimized. Lungo offers you a robust API so you can have complete control of your app.
Real Cross-Device
Create apps for each platform is hard, this situation is increased by the arrival of new devices. Lungo will suit all of them creating a unique and amazing UX.

About us

Tapquo is a smart company who thinks, designs and builds products with a amazing user experience. Founded in 2011, since then we’ve launched products for developers around the world. Fueled by creativity, the people that make up tapquo are the type of folks you'd pick first for a recess kickball game.

In our code tribe are six developers, three in frontend, two in backend, one craftsman and all are passionated with the 'clean-code'. "Share and enjoy", we love working with other startups and studios. We want to collaborate with you and make your clients smile.